How To Crochet That 70s Long Vest

I got my inspiration from the 70s when I made this vest. I think the color and texture of this yarn fit the soul of the vest.

Wear this vest with shorts or spanish trousers, shirts or blouses will look beautiful in all circumstances. It has an unique design and easy pattern for beginners

The description of this vest consists of two videos. In the first video I explained the Flower Garden stitch which I used for the vest. In the second video you will make the parts of the vest and put together.

For this vest I used Kartopu Love Cotton (4 Ply yarn) and 3,5 mm crochet hook. Because the bottom side is very lacy I prefer to use a thin crochet hook.

If you do this project don’t forget to share it with me on Instagram or Pinterest. I would love to see the results. Have a colourful day.

  • Video Tutorial :

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