Crochet Interlocking Baby Blanket Written Pattern

You are gonna love the texture of this pattern when it’s finished! It’s pretty beautiful and simple to make. Single crochets and spike stitches are featured in this project. The blanket can be easily worked up to any dimensions you want.


Yarn Bee Romantique:

  •  4 skeins of Ivory (color A)
  • 3 skeins of Soft Pink (color B)

Crochet Hook

  • 9mm
  • 8mm for border

Yarn Needle



Ch = Chain

St(s) = Stitch(es)

Sl St = Slip Stitch

SC = Single Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet


*Finished dimensions: 60×70 cm

*US crochet terms are used in this pattern.

*’SC 10′ means SC into the next 10 stitches.

*The turning chain ch 1 does NOT count as a SC.

*Total stitches are indicated in between < >.

*Changing Color: At the last stitch of the row, insert the hook and yarn over, drop the working color. Then grab the new color and lay it on top of the hook. Pull the new color through the old color loops. Turn the project and ch 1.

*Spike Stitch: It’s like a regular single crochet, but you work 3 rows down (for this pattern) instead of your current row. Insert the hook into the 3 rows down stitch, yarn over and pull through like making a normal single crochet, yarn over and pull through both two loops.  This way will make your stitches elongated. Try not to make it so tight.

FOUNDATION CHAIN: Multiples of 18 + 10. In this pattern, starting with color A ch 64.

ROW 1:  SC into 2nd ch from hook, SC in each st to the end of the row, turn. <63>

ROW 2: Ch 1, SC until the last st, change color to B, turn. <63>

ROWS 3-4: Ch 1, SC in each st across, change color to A, turn. <63>

ROWS 5: Ch 1, (SC 8, *SC, Spike St*5)x3. Repeat from * to * 5 times, and from ( to ) 3 times. You should have three spike stitch sequences. SC 9 and turn. <63>

ROW 6: Ch 1, SC in each stitch across, change color to B, turn. <63>

ROW 7: Ch 1, 9 SC, (*SC, Spike St*4, SC 10)x3. Repeat from * to * 4 times, and from ( to ) 3 times. You should have three spike sequences in total. SC 10 and turn. <63>

ROW 8: Ch 1, SC in each st across, change color to A, turn. <63>

ROW 9-10: Repeat rows 5-6. Change color to B. <63>

ROW 11: Ch 1, (*Spike St, SC*5, SC 8)x3, *Spike St, SC*4, Spike St, turn. (For the last spike st of the row, insert the hook 3 rows down grab the yarn pull up a loop, insert the hook 1 row down pull up a loop, yarn over and pull three loops together. Now it’s attached to the last SC of the previous row.) <63>

ROW 12:  Ch 1, SC in each st across, change color to A, turn. <63>

ROW 13: Ch 1, (*SC, Spike St 3 rows down*4)x3, *SC, Spike St 3*4, SC, turn. <63>

ROW 14: Ch 1, SC in each st across, change color to B, turn. <63>

ROW 15-16: Repeat rows 11-12. <63>

Repeat rows 5-16 and make it as long as you want.

For the border: Change your hook to 8 mm. Starting with color A;

ROUND 1: Ch 1, SC 63, Ch 2, into the last SC stitch make one more SC (for the corner). Do not turn. Put SC 3 in total, one for each 2 rows. Then make SC 6 in total, one SC for each row. Keep repeating these 2 sequences all the way across. 

When you come to the down  SC into the very first st, Ch 2, SC into the same st again, SC 62, Ch 2, SC into to last st you worked. Work other side of the blanket as before or in anyway as you like. End of the row, Ch 2 and sl st.

ROUND 2: Ch 1, into same stitch make a HDC. Repeat this HDC stitches along the entire row. When you get to the corner, make HDC 2, Ch2, HDC 2 in that Ch 2 stitch. When you finish, just sl st to the first stitch.

ROUND 3: Just sl st all the way around. Fasten off. And weave in your ends.

Pattern created by Sirin’s Crochet

Written by Ece Bektas (@ecelibuculu)

Copyright: This pattern is copyrighted by Sirin’s Crochet and may not be copied, sold, distributed and claimed as yours. You are more than welcomed to share and sell your makes using this pattern. Please give credit to Sirin’s Crochet.

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