Crochet Super Easy Slippers – Free Written Pattern

Hi again. Today I will share easiest slippers tutorial ever.

They will keep your toes toasty warm and you can simply throw them in your washing machine as needed. They can be perfect gifts for your loved one.I used single color but you are free to use colors as you like. I’d love to see your versions of this slippers.

Happy crocheting ♥


5mm hook

Worsted weight yarn

Tapestry needle

Stitches used

Chain: ch

Double crochet:dc

Front post double crochet:fpdc

Back post double crochet:bpdc

Stitch: st


When you see *( )** it means you repeat the instructions in between *( )** Where you see the word ​turn​ it means to turn your work clockwise and work back down the row.

This pattern suitable for;

Europian size: 37-38-39

US size: 7-8

UK size:5-6

If you want to change size , you can change your hook number.

Round 1: Start with slipknot+Ch4. Yarn over and insert the first ch and make 12 dc in this hole. (12)

Round 2: Ch2(not count)+make 2 dc in every st. (24dc)

Repeat Round2,9 times more.

From Round 13: Ch2 (not count) make 20dc+

Round 14: Ch2 (not count) and turn+ Make 20 dc from start to first st again

Round 15: Ch2(not count) and turn+ Make 20 dc from start to first st again

Round 16: Ch2 (not count) and turn+Make 6 dc from start to first st+insert the 7th st grab the yarn and pull through 2 of them+then insert the 8th st and grab the yarn and pull through 2 of them+you have 3 loops on your hook,pull through all of them.(so you decreased 7th and 8th st together.) make same decreases with 9th-10th and 11th-12th and 13th-14th.+6dc+

Round 17: Ch2 (not count) and turn+Make 4 dc from start to first st+make decreases with 5th-6th and 7th-8th and 9th-10th and 11th-12th stitches+4dc

Join two sides with sl st.

Round 18: Ch2 (not count)+ make a dc in every dc sp+2dc+make a dc in every dc sp+2dc+make a dc in every dc sp+2dc+insert the first corner

and make a dc+4dc+insert the second corner and make a dc+make a dc in every dc sp+2dc+make a dc in every dc sp+2dc+make a dc in every dc sp+2dc (total 26dc) sl st to the first corner.

Before the last round: Ch2(not count) *(1fpdc+1bpdc)**

The last round: Ch2 (not count)*(1fpdc+1bpdc)**

Heel of the slippers: sl st to the back side of the slippers and make a sl st in every st of two sides.

Pattern created by Sirin’s Crochet
Written by Gözde Güneş Tezcan (Crochet With GG)

Copyright; This pattern is copyrighted by Sirin’s Crochet and may not be copied, sold, distributed and claimed as yours. You are more than welcome to share and sell your makes using this pattern. Please give credit to Sirin’s Crochet.

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Sirin's Crochet

Hi. I'm Pınar. I'm 36 years old crochet designer from Turkey. I share all my free crochet patterns here. I like to make almost everyting but especially blankets and hats. I hope you like my projects.

2 thoughts on “Crochet Super Easy Slippers – Free Written Pattern

  1. With the slipper.. do you put 2dc in every st from the 2nd row on? It seems you will end up with way too many sts. I have watched the video several times. I am confused. Please help!!!

  2. The written directions are very confusing to me. I am an experienced crocheter but haven’t worked on anything in a while. I thought I would choose
    something quick & easy but these directions are baffling me. I think the + sign is one distraction. Hopefully I can figure it out as I go.

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