Crochet Basket Weave Stitch Beanie With Written Pattern

Crochet beanies using worsted weight yarn is a favorite of mine because typically the texture and stitch definitions show up beautifully! And this easy basket weave stitch has a really nice texture.

You will find the video tutorial below. You will be able to make this hat easily by using written pattern and watching the video.


Size 4 yarn 200 mt

5.5mm hook for the hat

5.00mm hook for the ribbed part

Tapestry needle

Stitches used

Chain: ch

Double crochet:dc

Back post double crochet: bpsc

Front post double crochet:fpdc

Stitch: st


When you see *( )** it means you repeat the instructions in between *( )** Where you see the word ​turn​ it means to turn your work clockwise and work back down the row.

Ribbed Part with 5mm hook

Ch9 and make a sc in every back loop of the stitches from start to 2nd ch.

Ribbed Row 2: Ch1 and turn.Make a sc in every back loop. Only on the last st make a regular sc.

Repeat Row2 until the ribbed part turn around your head. This rows must be multiples of 8. ( 72 rows for adult woman-80 rows for men)

Join two sides together with sl st. (Please watch the video)

Pattern (with 5.5mm hook):

Row 1: Ch2 and not count. Start from the same st and make a dc in every st. (total 72dc)

Row 2:Ch2 and don’t count it as a stitch. *(4fpdc+4bpdc)**

Row 3:Ch2 and not count. *(4fpdc+4bpdc)**

Row 4:Ch2 and not count. *(4fpdc+4bpdc)**

Row 5:Ch2 and not count. *(4fpdc+4bpdc)**

 Row 6:Ch2 and not count. *(4bpdc+4fpdc)**

 Row 7:Ch2 and not count. *(4bpdc+4fpdc)**

 Row 8:Ch2 and not count. *(4bpdc+4fpdc)**

Row 9:Ch2 and not count. *(4bpdc+4fpdc)**

Repeat between row2 and 9, until you have a little more than 7inches, nearly 18 cm. You will finish crochet with row9.

Photo from Azra ♥ @loveforyarnandplants

Decrease Row 1: Ch2 and not count*(1 fpdc+crochet 2 bpdc together and make 1 fpdc+1fpdc+1bpdc+crochet 2 fpdc together and make a bpdc+1 bpdc)**

Decrease Row 2: Ch2 and not count. *( 3fpdc+3 bpdc)**

Decrease Row 3: Ch2 and not count. *( 3fpdc+3 bpdc)**

Decrease Row 4: Ch2 and not count. *( 3fpdc+3 bpdc)**

Decrease Row 5: Ch2 and not count. *( crochet 2 fpdc together and make a bpdc+1 bpdc+crochet 2 bpdc toherhet and make a fpdc+1 fpdc)**

Decrease Row 6: Ch2 and not count. *( 2bpdc+2fpdc)**

Decrease Row 7: Ch2 and not count. *( 2bpdc+2fpdc)**

Decrease Row 8: Ch2 and not count. *( 2bpdc+2fpdc)**

You can shrink the top of your beanie.

Pattern created by Sirin’s Crochet
Written by  Gozde Gunes Tezcan (@gozdetariflerr)

Copyright; This pattern is copyrighted by Sirin’s Crochet and may not be copied, sold, distributed and claimed as yours. You are more than welcome to share and sell your makes using this pattern. Please give credit to Sirin’s Crochet.

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