Crochet Baby Overall Written Pattern

Dressing well is every baby’s right. So, let’s dress your baby in this gorgeous overall.

Thanks Portibon for letting me use her beautiful photoshoots.
She is an amigurumi artist. I am sure you will love her designs too.


Yarn – Madame Cotton 018 (category 3, 1 skein)

3.5 mm Crochet Hook only for leg ribbing

4 mm Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle


2 Buttons


Ch = Chain

St(s) = Stitch(es)

Sl St = Slip Stitch

DC = Double Crochet

FpDC = Front Post Double Crochet

BpDC = Back Post Double Crochet

DC2tog = Double Crochet 2 Together


*Newborn size. H=45cm, W=25cm.

*US crochet terms are used in this pattern.

*’DC 10′ means DC into the next 10 stitches.

*’2DC’ means place 2 DC into the same stitch.

*The turning chain ch 2 does NOT count as a DC.

*Repeat instructions between asterisks (**) as many times as directed.

*Total stitches are indicated in between < >.


With 3.5 mm crochet hook

Foundation: Multiples of 2. In this case, ch 42 and join with a sl st to the 1st st.

ROW 1: ch 2,  work in back loops of chain base, DC in each st across, sl st to 1st DC. <42>

ROW 2: ch 2, *FpDC, BpDC*21, sl st. <42>

ROWS 3-5: Repeat row 2.

Switch to 4 mm crochet hook

ROW 6: ch 2, DC in each st across, sl st. <42>

ROW 7: ch 2, turn, DC in each st across, sl st. <42> (after this row, we will turn our work in each row)

ROWS 8-9: Repeat row 7.

ROW 10: ch 2, turn, DC 41, 2DC, sl st. <43>

ROWS 11-17: Repeat row 10. <50>

*Fasten off. Make one more piece and do not fasten off. Place the other piece to the left of the working piece and join with a sl st to first st.


ROW 18: ch 2, DC 50, continue on joining piece, DC 50. <100>

ROW 19: ch 2, turn, DC in each st until end. <100>

ROWS 20-35: Repeat row 19.

*Start counting from the starting point(back side) to the left, place stitch markers into 26th and 32nd. Skip 36 stitches, place stitch markers into 37th and 43th.

***All stitches placed stitch markers must be FpDC. So, if you have different number of stitches, you can easily arrange it considering this.

ROW 36: ch 2, *BpDC, FpDC, repeat from * to 2nd st marker, DC in each st until 3rd st marker(DC 36), *FpDC, BpDC, repeat from * until end. Since we started row with a bpdc, it has to end up with a fpdc. But this time our row ends with a bpdc. In this case, use ch 2 the beginning ch from previous row, as if it’s a fpdc. This applies only for this row. No need to do it again.

ROW 37: ch 2, *BpDC, FpDC, repeat from * until 2nd st marker, DC2tog, DC 32, DC2tog, *FpDC, BpDC, repeat from * until end, sl st, ch 1, fasten off. Hide the tail.

Insert your hook  into stitch right next to 4th st marker from behind.

ROW 38 : ch 2, *BpDC, FpDC*3, BpDC, DC2tog, DC 30, DC2tog, *BpDC,FpDC*3, BpDC, turn. <46>

ROW 39: ch 3 (count as 1st FpDC), *BpDC,FpDC*3, DC2tog, DC 28, *FpDC, BpDC*3, FpDC, turn. <44>

*Repeat these 2 rows 3 more times. But for the last row, make an extra one decrease in the middle. (we need an odd number) <37>

ROW 45: ch 3, *BpDC, FpDC, repeat from * until 1 st left, BpDC, turn. <37>

ROW 46: ch 3, *FpDC, BpDC, repeat from * until 1 st left, FpDC, turn.

ROW 47: Repeat row 45.Fasten off.

Now, we will work on back. There 50 sts in total. Put a stitch marker into the middle which is a fpdc. Count 2 fpdc to the left and insert your hook into the 3rd fpdc st and;

R1: ch 2, *FpDC,BpDC*3, FpDC, turn. <7>

R2: ch 3 (count as bpdc), *FpDC, BpDC*3, turn. <7>

R3: ch 3 (count as fpdc), *BpDC, FpDC*3, turn. <7>

*Repeat row 2 and 3 until it measures 24-25 cm.

Then count 5 fpdc starting from middle, insert your hook into the 6th fpdc st and follow the same way above. Sew the buttons, after you finish.



  • Yarnart Jeans – 03
  • Pink and black for embroidery

2 safety eyes

3.5 mm Crochet Hook

yarn needle

Tr = triple crochet

p = picot

Make a magic ring.

R1: ch 3, DC 11, pull loop tight and join with a sl st in 3rd ch. <12>

R2: ch 3, DC in same place as ch, 2D in each st until end, sl st in 3rd ch. <24>

R3: ch 3, DC in same place as ch, DC , *2D, DC*5, sl st in 3rdch. <36>

R4: ch 1, SC in same place, SC, into same st (HDC, DC 2, Tr, ch2, p), into same st (Tr, DC 2, HDC), SC until last 6 sts left, into same space (HDC, DC 2, Tr, p), into same space (Tr, DC 2, HDC), SC 4, cut the yarn and close it nicely.

*Embroider nose with pink, and the mustache with black yarn. Place the safety eyes.

You can sew your cat to the baby overall by using some fiber in it. We wouldn’t want your baby get hurt because of safety eyes.

Pattern created by Sirin’s Crochet

Written by Ece Bektas (@ecelibuculu)

Copyright: This pattern is copyrighted by Sirin’s Crochet and may not be copied, sold, distributed and claimed as yours. You are more than welcomed to share and sell your makes using this pattern. Please give credit to Sirin’s Crochet.

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